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Individual Skills

Puck skills, skating techniques, and conditioning drills are taught in a progressive format that emphasize how these skills apply to all game situations.

Power Skating

Players will develop a more explosive and lengthened stride, and will be challenged to perform elite level skating maneuvers during in game situations.

Edge Work

We show you how to create power through correct use of your edges. Body positioning and correct technique are vital to creating a good skater.


Mash Hockey can improve each player’s quickness, balance, speed, agility and power through a series of specifically designed hockey drills and exercises.


Skating and puck skills specific to your position, and teaching shooting with techniques and proper execution for your position on the ice.

Stick Handling

Players will learn how to maximize their movements from the skates up to their hands. Players will develop more confidence and overall skills.

Game Situation Drills

Work on skating and puck skills in high tempo, multi-skilled game situation exercises to teach your child how to bring everything they've learned to a real game.


Our mentoring process is where our coaches, with the required skills, knowledge and support help to promote and sustain a player's development.



Mash Hockey has a special and unique love for the game of hockey. It is the mission of Mash Hockey to share our passion for the sport. Your kids will have a great life experience, while improving skills in a sport they love.


We provide opportunities for hockey player of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels to grow their love of the game while improving their hockey skills.

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Learn New Skills

Mash Hockey’s mission is to provide a variety of engaging on-ice development programs designed to challenge and evolve every athlete’s hockey intelligence and skill level. The rink is our sanctuary where we can let go of the outside world and be at ease. We pride ourselves on providing a lively atmosphere where having fun is the most important part of the skate.

Attend our annual


This camp is loaded with experienced guest coaches who will appear throughout the week, with both past and currently playing, who have decades of knowledge and expertise to pass on.

Summer Camp

Pre-Tryout Camp

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Both my boys have been training with Mash for almost a year now, and the results speak for themselves. They refuse to train with anyone else. Mash is not only committed to developing athletes but developing people. He teaches not just the skills necessary for hockey, but the skills and mental strength necessary for life. He focuses on positive reinforcement and breaking through mental barriers to achieve goals you didn’t realize were possible. My wife and I have received praise from parents and coaches, wanting to know what special things we’ve done to get our boys to their current level. I only ever have one response. MASH HOCKEY. You won’t regret it.

Happy Parent
Happy Parent

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